About me

Hello everyone, I’m Freija! Welcome to Wanderlust on the Rocks, my online space for travel and food.

I work as Guest Agent & Creator of Opportunities at The Hide. The Hide hosts modern nomads and city dwellers looking to discover historical Ghent in designer flats. Whether it’s short term rental or an extended break you’re after, we aim to make your stay a delicious little slice of uncomplicated luxury!

But why start a blog? Well, ever since I can remember, I’ve loved life the most when travelling. In school my favorite subject was History. I really enjoyed listening to stories about events that shaped peoples way of live and culture. Curious as I am, I wanted to see these places with my own eyes. I like meeting new people, discovering different cultures, learning other languages and tasting foreign cuisines. I love sandy beaches and breathtaking nature views, but the type of travel I like the most is citytrips. Preferable while staying in nice hotels. I love the variation that these trips offer; landmarks, museums, wandering around the city, shopping and enjoying local restaurants and pubs. My top 3: Firenze, New York & Budapest.

Another great passion of mine is gastronomy. Growing up in Flanders you get introduced to a lot of fine dishes. My favorites by far are Belgian stew with fries & Moules frites. Being a real foodie I also love foreign cuisines, especially the Italian & Thai ones.

For years I have been saving business cards from nice restaurants and leaflets from famous and not so famous landmarks from the places I have been to, so should one of my friends go there I could tell them about the hotspots and places they should not miss. So basically that’s why I ‘ve decided to start a blog. The focus will be mainly on my travel stories, but I will also share with you my tips for a visit to my amazing hometown, Ghent.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do writing it. If you have tips for me, places I should go to and discover, please feel free to share them with me.

You can contact me via freija@wanderlustontherocks.com.

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