St Katharine’s Dock & Tower Hill – London

One of the loveliest parts in London during summer is the area around the St- Katharine’s Dock. This cozy marina is located east of Tower Bridge and is a peaceful break for the hustle and bustle from the rest of the city.

Three years ago we stayed at the Tower Hotel, a lovely four star hotel with the most amazings views on Tower Bridge, The Shard and St Katharine’s Dock. As we loved it so much back then, we wanted to stay here again. The Tower is, (scout’s honor) most definetely the best hotel in London I have stayed in, (and believe me there’s been a few).

With it’s 800 comfortable guest rooms, meetings rooms and lovely restaurant, this hotel is the place to be in the area. Unfortunately we were only there for one night, so we didn’t get to spent much time at the hotel (full travel itinerary you know), but a good night’s rest is always very much appreciated during a busy citytrip right? I remember from three years ago that the breakfast buffet is amazing, but as London has so many lovely breakfast and lunch hotspots, we decided not to eat in and have a taste of what the neighboorhood had to offer.

Right outside the hotel you will find a Starbucks, some food trucks and the St Katharine’s Dock, where you will find plenty of restaurant’s and cafe’s. However we decided to walk down to the Coppa Club; possibly THE hotspot in this area. On your walk you will pass by two of London’s most prominent landmarks: Tower Bridge and The Tower Of London, so don’t forget your camera’s. But back to the Coppa Club: I had seen plenty of pictures about this restaurant on ‘The Gram’, but in real live the place is even more fun. During summer their insta-famous igloos have melted away and made place for the brand new Tulum themed ‘Paradise Pods’. And altough it was the iglo’s I was after I loved the bright colours, palm threes and cacti from the Tulum theme too. The Coppa Club is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so the menu is very ellaborate. But because of the warm tempetaures in London at the time, I wasn’t very hungry, so I just had a fresh juice and croissant, but still, I was able to enjoy the magnifcient views upon Tower Bridge and the Shard.

If it’s a good resturant near the St Katharine’s Dock itself you are after, head to Kilikya Restaurant, where you will be able to enjoy the delicious, Turkish cuisine at a very good price. The owners are super friendly and the ambiance is amable. It’s the perfect place to watch the boats and the world go by.

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