Nude – Kortrijk

A couple of weeks ago E. and I went out for a night on the town and to celebrate our annual birthday tradition. This year: Nude in Kortrijk, and very much the place to be over there at the moment. For those of you who are freaking out already: relax guys, ‘Nude’ refers to the wonderful millenial pink tones of the interior (it’s not that we went to a restaurant where everyone is naked, c’mon what were you thinking!).

So why go to Nude, other than the perfect pink interior?! Well the cocktails and yummy tapas plank for sure. I ordered the ‘Cuban’ cocktail, and it really was one of the best cocktails I had in a while. It kind of tasted like apple crumble with rum, I know who doesn’t love that right? The tapas plank was to die for: freshly made humus, tzatziki, guacamole, feta salade, ham & cheese.. Just to name a few of my favorite things…

As a main we ordered the Avocado bowl & Salmon Tartare to share, both very good. All through dinner, service was friendly, easy-going and professional. Just the way we like it.

Truth be told, I really enjoyed my time at ‘Nude’, but we were dissapointed with the dessert! As the promising Champagne icecream wasn’t available anymore, they offered to make us a dame blanche instead, which we agreed on. Can’t go wrong whith a classic we taught, well think again: nor the ice cream or dessert were freshly made! I can understand that at some places that’s the case, but not in a restaurant of this standing and if it’s the only dessert you have available on the menu. However besides from that we had a lovely evening.

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