New in Ghent: Epiphany’s Kitchen

A couple of months ago Epiphany’s Kitchen opened in de Burgstraat in Gent. The owner of the restaurant is Epiphany Vanderhaegen, the daughter of Belgian fashion designer Kaat Tilley.

Upon arrival A. & I were warmly welcomed by Epiphany and that immediately set the tone for the rest of the evening. Every employee we’ve met was very helpful and genuinely friendly.

The interior makes you feel live you have walked into a real life fairytale! So pretty! No poisoned apples here though, only magical dishes. Think comfort food, but in a healthy way! At Epiphany’s you can eat everything your heart desires, but with veggies in a leading role. Like for example pizza with a base from yucca or sweet potato. However if you want to you can add fish or meat to your dish too. A & I both wanted to try the pizza’s! The menu had changed by now, so I can not really remember the names of our pizza’s anymore. I had a pizza with burrata and carpaccio and A. chose one with pumpkin. Both were really good!

As I was curious about the pasta dishes, and my friend E. wanted to to try the restaurant as well, I went back a couple weeks later. Then I ordered the Courgetti with clams. And although this was pretty yummy too, I prefer the pizza’s, as they were much more filling than the pasta dish.

Truth be told, I think that this is one of the best restaurants in town! Friendly people, delicious food and a very unique ambiance to lunch or dine in!

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