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What I love most about Instagram is that it introduces you to so many different things: fashion and beauty brands, interior inspo and most importanly in my case: dreamy travel destinations and fun hotspots. Instagram has defenitely become my favorite search engine when making travelplans and that’s also how I got to know Élan Cafe in London. So when I was in the city two weeks ago, (I know again) I just had to check it out!

You can find Élan Cafe upon two locations in the city: one in Mayfair and one in Knightsbridge. The latter was on our way to the hotel so we decided to go there. As we arrived in London quite early and hadn’t had a decent breakfast yet it seemed like the perfect spot to kick-off our trip!

I had prepared myself for another round of ‘the waiting game’ (we arrived around 10am), but to my surprise we immediatly got a table. Upon arrival I was really impressed with the beautiful pink interior and flowers all around. Seriously pink and flowers the place couldn’t have been more perfect! Also the many yummy cakes and desserts that were on display at the entrance brought a wow factor to the cafe. From brightly pastel colored tarts, to cakes and a huge selection of French-style patisserie. Everything every sweet tooth’s hearts desires was there, but as we were there for brunch we layed off the cake. I know hard to believe right, but it’s true?!

I ordered the eggs with avocado, asparagus, sundried tomatoes and feta, and it was absolutely delicious. Auntie had the chicken, mozzarella & tomato ciabatta and was very pleased with her choice as well. Coffee lovers amongst us are in for a threat; besides the ‘regular’ lattes and cappuchino’s, you will find cold brew coffee, ice coffees and several alternative lattes (beetroot, chai & matcha). Oh and tea peepz don’t panic, we’re in England so there’s plenty of choice for you too!

I really enjoyed my time at Élan Cafe! Those hip and trendy places quite often create expectations that they can’t always deliver on. Luckely that is not the case with Élan Cafe! The food is very good and the staff super friendly. Next time when I’m in London I would love to go back and try out the sweets.

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