Bruges: Where to go for brunch & coffee?

In terms of cool brunch and coffee hotspots Bruges has so much to offer that it’s hard to choose which ones you will go to. However just as I always I have a list with spots I really wanted to go to. So here they are…  

That’s Toast

Just around the corner from the popular shoppingstreet, Noordzandstraat lays That’s Toast, a hip foodbar that serves breakfast (all day) brunch and lunch. That’s Toast is located inside a beautiful restored, historical building with a lot of light and Scandinavian influences. What a dream!

But more importanly, let’s talk food! Ever since I saw the yummy salmon toasts popping up on Instagram, this spot has been high on my to do list. So when I finally made it to Bruges again, it was a nobrainer that we were having lunch at That’s Toast. I HAD to try the salmon toast aka ‘The Smokey’ and Lil Sis was curious about ‘The Triple Madame’, so we were able to try two savory dishes. Yummy! But there’s more than toast on the menu: poke bowls, smoothie bowls and different kinds of breakfast plates are also available. The homemade Lemonade and Ice Tea were really good too! Until we meet again mates!


Another popular brunch spot in Bruges is Blackbird at the Jan Van Eyckplein. I heard great thinks about it, so I wanted to go there too. Blackbird’s breakfast is available until 11.30am, and after that you can order from the lunch menu which includes salad, soup and 6 kinds of bread sandwiches. On Saturday there is also a lunch special for € 15, which included a Vegetable Soup and Quiche. Rumour has it, that the tapas breakfast/brunch is amazing, but unfortunately this one is only available upon reservation. So as that wasn’t possible Lil Sis and I decided to share a lunch dish and a Bread Sandwich with Brie cheese, honey, appel & walnuts. We enjoyed the food, but honestly I wasn’t impressed with the level of service. The staff seemed really busy, but it really wasn’t at the moment. When taken our order, I forgot to look at beverages, so I asked if there were any homemade lemonades, and instead of answering me, she redirected me back to the menu and walked away. I didn’t found that nice, and think she could have handled that in a more professional way! I hope that they were having a bad day, and this isn’t always the case. We however couldn’t help but feeling dissapointed after out visit.


Wandering the streets of Bruges made us come across Tarteline, an adaorable coffee and cake spot. While here, you must try a ‘tartelientje’. This cake on a stick, lookes like an ice cream, but really isn’t. The name ‘Tarteline’ refers to ‘tarte’ and owner ‘Valentine’. The tartelientjes come in several flavours; tropical, lemon-merengue, raspberry-mascarpone mousse, hazelnut, chocolate-granache with salted caramel, banana-speculoos and chocolate mousse. So I’m pretty sure, that there’s one you’ll like. We tried the hazelnut and chocolate mousse ones, and there were delicious. I really liked the tartelientjes! What a fun and original way to present a cake. Valentine is also super sweet and really makes you feel at home. This is a must-do when you are visiting Bruges.

Vero Caffé

A day whitout coffee is like… not for me! After walking around Bruges for a few good hours we were looking forward to a short coffeebreak and Vero Caffé looked like the perfect place to do so. At Vero Caffé you can relax and enjoy an excellent cappuccino away from the crowds (although the Markt is only a 3min walk)!

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