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When’s a better time to start redecorating your home than during this lockdown?! I have been thinking about giving my dressing a little make-over for a while now. When I recently got the chance to add some beautiful posters from Posterstore in there I was super enthusiastic and extra motivated.

Picture by Posterstore

About Posterstore

Posterstore was founded in 2014 by the Swedish brothers Oskar and Tobias Renlund. They believed that art should be available to everyone and that beautiful things should not always be expensive. Don’t you just love that? Posterstore sells high quality posters and photo frames in various styles, all created by their own talented designers and through collaborations with renowned artists from all over the world like Tove Frank, Vee Speers and Love Warriors.

Picture by Posterstore


After gaining some inspiration on the website, I started selecting my favorite posters with matching photo frames. This took me quite some time though, because there is so much choice and a lot of lovely posters and frames that it made it difficult to choose.

Picture by Posterstore

The poster collection is filled with stunning artwork ranging from maps of Stockholm and Paris to fashion posters and gorgeous photography prints. The art prints are inspired by Scandinavian design, which matches perfectly with my interior. As mentioned before I was especially looking to give the dressing an upgrade, so that’s where I mostly focused on. However you can find some amazing kitchen posters or nature inspired wall art and photography for the living room too. I decided upon a few iconic fashion posters and some New York pictures. What can I say… My passion for travel is never far away. On the other hand NYC is one of those mayor fashion capitals, so it kind of fitted within the theme right?! Also a big plus is the fact that Posterstore is taken the environment into account. All posters are printed on paper with a FSC 100% label for wood from managed forests.

Posterstore has a wide range of photo frames too, so you are definitely able to create personalized arrangements. Going from shiny aluminum frames in gold, copper, silver to natural oak, walnut and matte wooden frames with a black and white finish for a more classic look. I decided upon the black wooden frames as the furniture in my dressing is white, so I figured it would perfectly go together. The frames are made from crystal clear plexiglass. This material has the same wonderful reflection characteristics as real glass, but is much lighter and less fragile.

I am very much a fan of placing frames upon a cupboard and adding some other decorative details, so that is what a did for now. I might use the frames in the future for a gallery wall. So I am happy that Posterstore is providing us with plenty of tips and tricks to create the perfect gallery wall at home. Additionally, they have also created templates for stylish gallery wall arrangements so you can easily copy them and create a stunning photo wall yourself.

Discount Code

Feeling inspired to do a little bit of redecorating yourself? Great news, you can now shop the gorgeous posters with a discount! The discount code wanderlust30 gives a 30% discount on posters (excluding Selection) and is valid from today until 2 June 2020. Happy shopping you guys!

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  1. Daniela Skorupinski says:

    Hi Freija! 🙂
    Hope you are doing great,
    I just bought some poster from poster store, after I made the purchase I search for some reviews. They said the quality is terrible, even more in the big ones.
    What do you think about this? Also the frames, I bought a few of them, and I was so exited now I’m anxious.
    Thanks so much,

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