Food Blogger Event at Holy Food Market

Last week I went to the International Food Blogger’s Event at the Holy Food Market. As you might recall, I’ve already done a post about the beautiful food market last year when it opened. One year later, a lot has changed and curtain stalls have made place for others. I think this is a good thing, this way people who are familiar with the market keep experiencing something new as well! During the event I was accompanied by the lovely Elke from Bon Appetit Les Amis (foodies check out this web shop; you are in for a treat!) to explore the new stalls and the lunch concept.

The Food Manager warmly welcomed us and told us that they are organizing this event in order to create an awareness about the possible lunch formulas at the market. Unfortunately, only a few people know that the Holy Food Market is also the place to be for a nice and affordable lunch.

And then it was time for the most important thing, the food! After a quick glimpse I saw that a lot had changed since the last time I was there. My favorites however, Bubba Kroketten and Sea Me are still going strong! Hooray for that! And also Malar’s, Magnum Pleasure Store, Taberna Lisboa and Iovine’s still have their home there. New concepts are:

  • Komatsu: a Japanese tapas and sushi bar;
  • Divine Pasta: where you can compose your very own pasta;
  • Maharaza: bringing the typical Indian cuisine to Ghent;
  • L’arrosticino; introduces its guests to meat dishes from the lesser known Italian regions;
  • Falafel: the most recent stall in the food market, a must-try for veggies;
  • Grootmoeder’s Keuken: upon popular demand there is finally a stall that focuses on the typical Belgian cuisine.

As we were more in the food sharing kinda mood, we choose a few small dishes (Sea Me’s Fish & Chips, Iovene’s bruschetta’s,…). We decided to go with that and paired it with a nice cocktail (try the Holy Moly or the Holy Bramble) or glass of bubbly, it’s a party right?!

Several stalls offer lunch concepts, but especially the formulas from Grootmoeders Keuken and Sea Me caught my eye. At Grootmoeders Keuken you can have a very nice lunch for € 15, this includes soup, a main dish and coffee. Same goes for Sea Me, for € 12 you get a tasty main dish with a glass of wine. So I think it’s a good idea to check Holy Food Market out if you are looking for an out of the ordinary kind of lunch spot with yummy food.

Although I was invited by the Holy Food Market, just as always all opinions are my own!

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