New in Ghent: Partage

When soul food finally found its way to Ghent, I simply had to check it out. I immediately set up two dates to go to Partage; lunch with my sista to try out the waffles and dinner with bestie R. to have a taste of that fried chicken. #sorrynotsorry food is life!

Upon arrival I couldn’t help but beeing impressed by the pretty interior: Scandinavian vibes with a lot of wood and light all around… just the way I like it.

The name ‘Partage’ refers to ‘share’ in French and that’s exactly what lil’ sis and I did with our waffles. We both wanted to try the savory waffles instead of the sweet bubble waffles, so we ordered one waffle with burrata, sundried tomatoes, pesto and rucola and one waffle with meatballs in tomato sauce, parsley and parmezan cheese. Both were very yummy, but the burrata one was our favorite!

For dinner you kind of have to compose your own dish. First you select the ‘base’: Crispy Chicken Fillet or a vegetarian dish. Then you select the ‘core’; Mac&Cheese, Crunchy fries or Roasted Sweet Patato and finally ‘the ‘top’; watermelon salad, mixed salad or grilled corn. We both ordered the Crispy Chicken fillet with sweet patato. We wanted to the try both the watermelon & mixed salad, but unfortunately for us the watermelon salad was already finished for the night, so we had two mixed salads. I absolutely loved this dish; the chicken was so good and the sauce that came with the sweet patato, was absolutely to die for! I really can’t wait to go back! It would be nice though to elaborate the choices of the ‘core’ a little bit more. Maybe with some ribs… for me by far THE Southern USA dish.

Partage is located in the heart of Ghent, making it the perfect spot for a break, between or after, some ‘Shop till you drop’ fun in the city.

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  1. Leuk geschreven! X

    1. Freija Wyffels says:

      Dank je meid! x

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