New in Ghent: The Cobbler

New kid in town The Cobbler, just opened its doors last week, but curious as I am, I couldn’t wait to check it out! The lovely cocktail bar is located inside the old Post Office at the Graslei, and is part of the hotel 1898 The Post. The interior of the bar reminds of an old gentlemen’s club (not that I’ve been, but the one’s from the movie), high, taupe ceilings, a cozy fireplace, wooden floors, … You immediately fall in love with the place, and the ambiance there.

The delicious cocktails are served by Jurgen Nobels, who belongs to the top 10 bartenders in the world. Passionately he tells you all about the cocktail possibilities, and oh my is there one for every occasion. Besides from the Signatures, they’re so many to choose from, Cobblers Aperitivo’s, Refreshing, Fruit & Tropical, Savory & Experimental, Short & Strong, Dessert Cocktails (after dinner cocktails) Hot Cocktails… and the non-alcoholic variants in every category. Yes, I know, cocktail paradise does exist, and it’s called the Cobbler. I tried the ‘Planet of the Grapes’, (don’t you just love the name?) which was AMAZING!

Hungry? No problem! The trendy bar also offers some tasty bar bites, such as the local Hinkelspel Cheese, dried ham and several other goodies.

But The Cobbler is not just the place to be for cocktail hour, their homemade lunch is pretty wonderful too! The fun thing is that it’s not just a typical lunch menu. Every day between 12pm and 2pm the chef prepares a homecooked lunch for the price of € 16. I really love the easy-going atmosphere during lunch; you head to the kitchen, take a plate and serve yourself. When we were there, the daily special was chicken with oven baked potatoes and a salad of beetroot and cauliflower. As it was a little too early for us to have a cocktail, we tried the homemade lemonades. So yum! And more good news, there’s also an afternoon tea formula. I honestly can’t wait to try this one out! So if it’s an afternoon filled with girl talk or a romantic date night with your special someone, The Cobbler’s where you need to be.

The Cobbler is open daily – Lunch: noon-2pm – Afternoon tea: 2pm-5pm – Cocktails: 5pm-midnight

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