New in Ghent: Chez Claire

Eclairs are definitely one of my old time favorite pastries! For some reason they always take me back to those little tea parties I used to have with my grandmother. Such good times! So when I found out a couple months ago that Dries & Yuri (the founders of Wasbar) were working on a concept centering éclairs I was very excited.

Don’t be mistaken you don’t go to Chez Claire for just another éclair. Oh no, get ready to be amazed, because these guys have brought the éclair to a whole new level! The ‘haute éclairs’ as they call it, come in 13 different flavors, going from salted caramel, to pistachio and triple dark chocolate. Of course there is also Chez Claire’s take on the original guilty pleasure and even a ‘neuzekes’ edition. They even offer a sugar, lactose and gluten free treat and there is a vegan version coming up too. So I am pretty sure everyone will find their éclair match made in heaven. My friends and I kind of went wild on éclairs during last week’s coffee hour. I was able to taste 6 flavors (you know my motto … sharing is caring) and I loved every single one of them, but my favorite is the hazelnut one.

All that eating gets you thirsty right, so how about some of that bubbly? Chez Claire has its very own champagne ‘Cuvée Claire’ and it is absolutely delicious. But coffee is available too, if that is more your cup of tea.

Finally I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the interior, because it’s pink and it could not be more perfect! It really brings that luxury Paris patisserie vibe to Ghent & Antwerp. So don’t look any further, this is the place to be if you are in need of some q-time! And hey if the place is full; just take one of those boxes home and create the moment right there!

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  1. Jolien says:

    Oh wow, dat ziet er echt geweldig uit! De volgende keer dat ik in Gent ben, ga ik zeker eens langs! 😀

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